Instructions to set a reminder to open Lucky Pot on Honeygain

Previously, I showed you how to automatically receive gifts every day (Lucky Pot) on Honeygain and indeed most users have used it. But not all of you can afford to spend on VPS or can hang up with Raspberry Pi like me. So I will guide you how to set a schedule to open Lucky Pot on Honeygain so that it reminds you every day!

Lucky pot honeygain

Ways to get money fast in Honeygain

As I previously said on the article How to automatically receive Lucky Pot Honeygain, there are many ways to make money fast on Honeygain and I will also repeat the ways that can quickly reach 20$ to be able to withdraw money. about.

Ways include:

  • Using multiple computers at the same time
  • Use a network abroad – (more traffic will be available here)
  • Absolutely do not use VPS (use will be banned offline)
  • Setup Honeygain on the phone
  • Get Lucky pot

And in these numbers, as I said, receiving Lucky Pot is always the safest and most effective way when you want to make money on Honeygain. And if you are a person who can’t hang up to receive gifts every day, you can follow me to remind yourself every day.

Instructions to set a reminder to open Lucky Pot on Honeygain

For those of you who have not yet registered for a Honeygain account, you can click on this link to receive 5$ for free!

For this way of receiving, the machine will not do it for us, but we can remind ourselves to get in. And here I will guide you

Method 1: Use the Clock Mechanism on the machine

In this way, you need to know when honeygain will be counted as a new day and how long you can receive it. You just need to set the time on your watch and then go to the honeygain website and get it. And Honeygain’s 1-day refresh time is around 11pm in Vietnam, guys! You can set a timer for 24 hours after receiving it or schedule it according to the right time

Method 2: Use Discord bot

Use discord bot

For many of you who often use discord, this is probably the best solution to remind you of honeygain’s Lucky Pot. You can invite this bot in and press 1 command to start running the bot. This bot is owned by AntoniosKalattas. Please do not use it for any other purpose.

Link to invite bots: here

Launch syntax: !*start

For those of you who can host bots yourself: Refer to this link

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