Instructions to use 4G Data for free with App LiuLiu Tunnel

Recently, I have just instructed everyone on how to use VPS to use 4g high speed, but what if you do not have VPS, what to do when there is no 4G? Currently, there is App LiuLiu to help you connect to 4G Data for free without registering a package, helping you to use it for free.

How Liuliupro tunneling works

Just like the previous ways, Liu Liu Tunnel tunnels through by running through but other than that user doesn’t need to do anything, just install, select required option and press connect.

The special feature of this application is that it can allow users to choose the package 0d good package subscribed to data package or have background packs.

I think this application is great for those who are lazy to create VPS Hack Data or lazy to create a free server on sshmonth. Not only that, the application has optimized the capacity as well as the servers so that users do not feel lag

For those of you who are interested, you can contact Nguyen Thanh Luan to donate for you as well as get a more advanced version!


  • Android phone
  • 4G sim card viettel

Guide to Hack 4G

Step 1: Download LiuLiu_Pro 1.0.2

LiuLiu Tunnel Free | LiuLiu TunnelPro

Pro version you need to donate to the author to be activated

Step 2: Install the LiuLiu App on your Android phone

install luliu pro

Step 3: Open the LiuLiu app

Step 4: Select the server and select Connection Mode.

  • viettel sim in 0₫ sim without background choose server 1.
  • Viettel sim registered for tik tok background package, related, freefire choose server 2.

choose options in liuliu pro

Step 5: Turn on 4G and press connect

connect successfully

Here are my test results

test results

Now you can download files, watch tiktok, text messenger or even watch movies. Data capacity will not be deducted and will not cost money

So I just finished the tutorial on how to hack 4G without VPS in the fastest way. Once again I would like to thank Nguyen Thanh Luan for this great tutorial! See also: Create your own VPS Server to Hack Data 4G for free here.

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