Internet Backs Man Who Wants Divorce After Wife ‘Broke a Coffee Mug’ Over His Head

Relationships are hard enough but one Redditor said his marriage should’ve never happened in the first place. In a post with more than 14,000 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments, a man made a case for divorce and many Redditors supported him.

“True Off My Chest” is a forum where users reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to — as the name states — get things off their chests. A man known by the tag Minimum-Woodpecker41 explained what’s gone wrong in his relationship.

“I dated my wife since junior year and we kicked off pretty well,” he wrote. “We loved each other and all was well. My mom and dad didn’t like her for some reason but I should have listened to them when they told me not to marry her. When they told me I didn’t want anything to do with them.”

He went on to say they got married anyway but he later discovered she’d cheated “multiple times with multiple men,” claiming she’s “changed” since they wed.

“She turned into someone evil. Like pure evil. I despise her and everything she’s believes. I absolutely hate going home to her, she doesn’t do anything I ask her to do while I’m at work and complains that our dog is too hard to take care of. My dog isn’t even hard to take care of,” he said. “I think my dog gives her trouble because she can tell she’s evil.”

To make matters worse, the man claimed his wife attacked him saying, “about two weeks ago I was watching YouTube on my phone and she came over and broke a coffee mug over my head because I left my towel in the bathroom.”

He added “there’s a lot more to the story,” and he plans to get a divorce.

Couples Therapy Inc. stated that high school couples who marry as teens “have only about a 54% chance of enjoying a marriage lasting a decade.” However, if the couple waits until at least 25 years old, they have a 78% chance of celebrating a 10-year anniversary.

That said, the post struck a nerve with some.

Coffee mug filled with coffee
A coffee mug filled with coffee.
Francis Dean/Getty Images

“OP should also see about getting a restraining order or something. If she broke a mug over their head, that’s straight up abuse and I’d hate to see what else she has done,” Cosmetic-Cloud wrote.

“That’s battery, a serious crime. Could have cause a TBI depending on the force,” 57hz said.

“You’re in an abusive relationship. Get out and enjoy you life. Best of luck,”Danny_Mc_71 commented.

While some suggested the Redditor look into annulment, many found the dog’s reaction concerning.

“Yeah and keep the dog away from her until then. No telling what she might do to an animal if she gets extra angry,”
level devilsadvocateac wrote.

“Take proper measures to protect your dog. Evil wife will probably have thoughts to murder it as soon as you drop the news. Good luck and Godspeed!” Due_Cat_161 said.


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