Internet providers add ‘sneaky’ extra charge to bills that can cost hundreds

HOUSEHOLDS may be surprised with how many unnecessary expenses they have – and one internet-related monthly fee might be one of them.

This is if you happen to have a router in your home that you did not pay for yourself and are charged an additional monthly fee for it.

Internet consumers might be spending an extra unnecessary $150 each year


Internet consumers might be spending an extra unnecessary $150 each year

Now unfortunately, your entire internet bill won’t go away, which is said to be about $60 a month on average.

However, odds are you might be able to cut some of it assuming you are renting equipment from your internet provider.

What’s the simple way to avoid paying an extra monthly fee? Buy your own router and stop renting.

A recent study by business tech site ZDNet shows that the average internet customers would save $150 per year by purchasing their own router.

That would equal an extra unnecessary $12.50 a month you are paying.

It comes as one Twitter user vented about the rental fee last March and said: “I have been on the chat for one hour and still haven’t resolved my billing issue.

“Returns [sic] my modem in January and still charging me for the modem rental fees. #sneaky”

While another tweeted in May this year: “If you spend the $100 for your own modem, they still try to be sneaky and slide that hardware rental in without you having their hardware.”

Normally, routers can cost up to $100 or more – but luckily Black Friday is almost here and some big deals are going on.

For instance, you could purchase a “TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router” on Amazon for just $49.99, a $30 (38%) savings from its original price.

In comparison, Target has this same router listed for $59.99.

While you’ll have to lay out some money for a router – this will save you hundreds of dollars in the long-run.

Because in five years, that $150 turns into $750 that you just wasted. 

Once you’ve set up your router, make sure you contact your internet provider and inform them you are no longer using their device and ask them how you can go about removing your monthly rental fee.

Also, keep in mind that there is now a federal law in place that means internet providers can’t charge customers fees on routers that they already own.

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