Internet warns mom on Reddit after boyfriend deletes her Instagram

A mom took to Reddit to share that her boyfriend had forcefully deleted her Instagram after she shared a video of him, and internet users are warning her against him.

The mom posted her story on November 24, under the account name Insta_344245. She detailed what had occurred and why her boyfriend reacted so unexpectedly.

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User explains relationship with her boyfriend

Narrating what had happened, the mom of one said she is dating a man named ‘Adam’ whose four years younger than her. The original poster (OP) is 32 while her boyfriend is 28.

She detailed that the two have been going out for 15 months. She also revealed that they are a long-distance couple and he visits her twice a month.

“Whenever I mention him moving in with me or vice versa he’d say he has his reasons to think about it,” the OP said describing their situation.

She further states, “He adores my 3-year-old son and says he’s serious about me and wants me and my son to be his family.”

While nothing seems fishy up to this point, she then described how the issue occurred that saw him deleting her Instagram.

Mom narrates how boyfriend forcefully deleted her Instagram

“The whole issue occurred when I took a video of Adam helping my son try on his new shoes and wrapping his laces.”

The OP published the video on her Instagram. “When he saw it he went crazy and started calling me none stop,” she details.

“I picked up the phone for him to tell me I messed up and should have never posted any videos or pictures of him without talking to him first and ended up deleting my entire Instagram account since he has the password for it,” she further reveals.

The mom of one details how she was shocked at his response as he went on to delete her entire account without giving her the chance to take the video down.

“We had a fight and he told me I should not have lashed out and that can’t blame him for trying to handle my breach of privacy and boundary-crossing.”

She stated how he blamed her for not asking his permission before recording a video of him. “He knew I was recording him,” she said.

Reddit users react to the situation

The Reddit post has close to 2,000 comments and sees internet users theorising about why the boyfriend acted so erratically.

Most commenters claimed that he might already be a family man, hence wanting to hide his relationship with the OP.

“My guess is he’s married,” one commenter wrote, continuing, “It was completely unnecessary to delete OP’s entire account. A friend stumbled onto an IG photo of my baby posted by the sitter’s cousin who I’

Many in the comments section spoke from personal experience.

However, internet users had more wild theories about the boyfriend. Many suggested the OP do a background check on the boyfriend.

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