10 Times Wrestlers Received Serious Threats On The Internet

At this point, most wrestling fans are aware that what they see in the ring is nothing but an act. While the moves are real, the drama isn’t. Nearly everything is scripted, but despite that, wrestling is an enjoyable sport if fans keep this in mind. But a lot of people fail to distinguish between a character they see on television and the person playing that role.

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If wrestlers tick off the wrong fans, they raise their voices and make sure it’s heard by others. In some cases, these fans have even made serious threats to wrestlers online. They’d even go as far as threaten a wrestler’s life.

10 Baron Corbin


Baron Corbin has worked as an upper-card heel for WWE for many years. Most people don’t like him at all, and that shows how great Corbin is. At Extreme Rules 2019, Corbin teamed up with Lacey Evans to face Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. During the match, Corbin hit Lynch with End of Days. Rollins saw that and brutally beat Corbin and won the match. On Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, Corbin revealed that multiple people gave him death threats following this angle.

9 Lana

Lana WWE

Lana had a controversial storyline with Rusev and Bobby Lashley a couple of years ago. In the storyline, Lana divorced her husband, Rusev, to marry Bobby Lashley. While this storyline didn’t help anyone at all, it did generate a lot of buzz for WWE. There were many people who didn’t like this storyline. As a result, Lana received tons of death threats from fans on Instagram and Twitter. At one point, even the FBI got involved to protect Lana.


8 Seth Rollins


Last year, Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan on Raw. His name was Elisah Spencer. Apparently, he had been catfished by someone using Rollins’ name on social media. That person had scammed Spencer and he believed it was the real Seth Rollins. Before attacking Rollins on Raw, Elisah made several threats on social media and said it was “payback time.”

7 Alexa Bliss


In early 2021, a fan, who calls himself Albert Little, threatened to take a ride to Alexa Bliss’ home in Orlando, Florida. When Bliss didn’t show up on Raw, one night, the fan said he’d delay his trip to Orlando. This person had been stalking Bliss for some time and reportedly created multiple accounts to contact Alexa as well. Bliss recognized his act and called him out on Twitter.

6 Kenny Omega


Over a decade ago, Kenny Omega once wrestled a then nine-year-old Japanese girl named Haruka. Omega was scared to do this match because he was worried about Haruka’s safety in the ring. The match ended in a time-limit draw. While fans in attendance seemed to enjoy it, many people were furious about this match on the internet.

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This match also resulted in a lot of death threats to Omega. People accused him of “suggestively touching” an underage girl when that wasn’t the case at all.

5 Ariya Daivari

Greatest Royal Rumble: Shawn and Ariya Daivari hassle Saudi Arabian WWE prospects

In 2018, WWE did the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. Many wrestlers were a part of this show, including the Daivari brothers. Ariya and Shawn Daivari came to the ring waving the Iranian flag and then interrupted the introduction of WWE’s Saudi Arabia prospects.

It was later revealed that this segment got the Daivari brothers a ton of heat in real-life from fans. Multiple people made threats against his life, and Ariya publicly had to put a statement that it was just a wrestling sketch.

4 Mickie James

Mickie James Royal Rumble 2022

While this threat wasn’t directed towards Mickie James, she was still involved. In 2010, WWE released James from her contract. One crazy fan called WWE’s headquarters over 20 times and threatened to blow up their office. He also promised to bring a machete and machine gun to their place. That fan was later arrested by New York City Police and served some time in jail as well.



MJF is no stranger to receiving threats online from fans. People have threatened to kill him for being in character. In 2019, MJF made fun of people who liked Applebee’s and got several death threats as a result. One fan was very upset with MJF’s tweet and sent a direct message to MJF and told him to die. MJF then roasted this fan and also called him and his father a “bum.”

2 William Regal

William Regal on AEW Dynamite

While William Regal is heavily respected by most fans, there are a few who don’t like him much. Regal once said that he gets at least one death threat a day, but he’s used to it.

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In 2015, someone called Regal from St. Joseph Medical Center and threatened to harm his family. William posted a tweet and asked for help.

1 Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is one of the most beloved wrestlers in the industry. But back in 2015, he received a ton of hate from fans. Many even threatened to take his life following an in-ring accident. During a match with Perro Aguayo that year, the wrestler suffered a serious injury after a dropkick from Mysterio. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Fans blamed Mysterio for this, and he received a ton of hate from people all over the world.


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