19 relatable Windy Memes as internet reacts to Midwest storm

Strong winds are causing chaos across Midwest America.

More than 80 are feared to have died after tornadoes hit central and southern states over the weekend.

Weather warnings are still in place across Kentucky, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado, with high winds causing severe power outages.

Over on Twitter, people are reacting to the harsh conditions with memes. Here is a roundup of some of the most relatable ones…

A rotating mesocyclone storm works it’s way across the Great Plains of Nebraska. USA

21 relatable Windy Memes

It’s a bit windy.

The Only Way Is Essex | Essexmas Trailer

Has anyone tried one of these bad boys?

It’s all too much.

We’re in danger.

Reminds me of the Three Little Pigs.

Hibernating for the foreseeable future.


There’s always a silver lining.

Wait, cows can fly?

Colorado wind today.

All I can say is good luck.

We just wanted snow.

Automatically thought of this meme.

Expectation vs reality on a windy day.

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Feeling like this.

Catch me outside how bow dat?

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