2 in 3 people struggle with frequent internet disruption, lower speed: LocalCircles

At least two in three broadband, fibre, and DSL users in India struggle with connection disruption and lower speed than what they pay for, according to a survey by community social media platform LocalCircles.

Most face frequent problems as 56 per cent of broadband, fibre and DSL users say they have three or more issues every month with their connections, while 61 per cent say it takes more than 24 hours for service providers to resolve issues. The survey found that such issues are pushing as many as 74 per cent of broadband, fibre and DSL users to switch to an alternate provider for better quality.

LocalCircles received over 33,000 responses from more than 319 districts of the country, of which 64 per cent of participants were men while 36 per cent were women.

Broadband connection users in the country have increased to nearly 25 million. But India has one of the slowest internet speeds as it ranks 122 in the world according to the Speedtest 2021 Global Index by Ookla. 

In response to the question on the frequency of internet disruptions, of the 8,430 participants, 25 per cent said they face issues “once or twice”, 21 per cent said “5-10 times”, 19 per cent said “3-5 times”, and 16 per cent said “more than ten times” a month. Over 56 per cent of broadband, fibre, and DSL users surveyed have three or more connection issues every month.


Fibre/broadband/DSL users were asked their top internet connection problems to which 33 per cent said they face “frequent disruptions”, and another 33 per cent said, “speed received is much lower than what we are paying for”. Two per cent feel that their router is being used by someone else as random websites open up when trying to access the internet. Only 21 per cent of broadband, fibre and DSL users said they “Do not face any issues”, while 4 per cent did not have an opinion. 

In response to the question on how long it typically took to resolve issues with internet providers, 38 per cent of users said it was resolved “within 24 hours”, 30 per cent said it takes “1-3 days”, and 5 per cent said “4-7 days”, and 11 per cent said more than “7+ days”. Only 8 per cent of users said they “haven’t had any complaints in the last one year”. On average, 53 per cent of broadband, fibre, and DSL users say it takes service providers more than 24 hours to resolve complaints. 

Out of the 8,454 participants who were asked, “What will make you switch from your broadband/fibre/DSL service provider to an alternate service provider?”, Thirty-five per cent said, “Better connection quality and uptime”. About 19 per cent said “lower monthly price for similar speed/quota connection”, 16 per cent said “higher speed/quota for similar monthly price”, while 4 per cent cited other reasons. 

Only 22 per cent said they are “happy with the provider and will not switch”.


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