$200 DIY Driveway Makeover Wows the Internet

America’s driveways are about to get a lot swankier, after one Tiktok user’s budget renovation video went viral.

DIY’s popularity skyrocketed during lockdown, with many people finding themselves with a lot of spare time, the majority of which was spent at home. A survey conducted by the Farnsworth Group found that home renovation increased by 9 percent from March 2020 to June 2021. One of the results of this was that social media was suddenly awash with users sharing cost-cutting tips and showing off their homespun projects.

Karlin Summer (username @karlinsummer) has done just that, in a video demonstrating how she turned her old, cracked, concrete driveway into something far fancier—for only $200.

The video, which now has over 320,000 likes, shows Summer starting by clearing out weeds and pressure-washing the whole drive. Clearly not one for waste, Summer details how she was able to use up some old materials lying around for the next part.

“And then it was time to fill in all these old gaps,” she says. “I used this concrete sealer first, it took like five bottles and there were still, like, little holes and stuff. So you know what? I used this old tube of ceramic tile caulk to fill the rest of the holes because I had it sitting around my house and I was tired of looking at it!”

After that, Summer painted the driveway into a grid pattern “to mimic those big slabs” that can rack up a bill of thousands.

“And it looked pretty great when it was done!” She exclaims. “And it didn’t cost me $10,000, so yay.”

Summer, who has over half a million followers on the platform, is a regular DIYer, who has posted other videos detailing bathroom and kitchen renovations. She aptly captioned the driveway video “Uppin’ that curb appeal for #cheap!”

Other Tiktok users chimed in with their approval. Joshua Akhtar wrote “YOU SLAYED THIS AND ITS BEAUTIFUL 10’s ACROSS THE BOARD.”

Sarah M. Carson added “One of the most impressive projects I’ve seen on here to-date! And it looks so doable!”

Summer responded “It was super doable! Takes a lot of time (and your lower back is gonna feel it lol) but makes such a difference!”

Marimosher12 said that the driveway looked “amazing” and asked which paint Summer used. She replied that it was called Iron Mountain and sold by Behr.

Cassie noted “I think most of America would look much better if it was just lightly pressure washed.”

Newsweek has reached out to Summer for comment.

Driveway repair in process
A person sealcoats an asphalt driveway, in a similar way to Karlin Summer.


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