30 Of The Cutest Beaver Pics The Internet Has To Offer

The North American beavers are nature’s hard-working architects. They have an innate ability to build structures that can rival even some ambitious human projects. These impressive skilled creatures also ended up becoming the main characters of a video game (it’s called Timberborn, if you want to look for it).

But this is not enough to explain what makes beavers so darn charming! With their big eyes and adorable teething, beavers are one of the cutest animals you could find out there. Known for building dams and lodges in rivers and lakes, they’re one of the six symbols of Canada. The trade of beaver fur used to be so profitable to the country that Canadians felt compelled to pay tribute to this buck-toothed animal. Canadians are not the only ones so obsessed with cute beavers. We are too, and that’s why we put together a collection of beaver pics that will build up your love for them, picture after picture!

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