30 Times People Surprised The Internet With How Much They Looked Like Celebrities

There are plenty of Pandas out there who aspire to be celebrities. Beloved by their fans all over the globe, showered with attention, and able to make a large impact on the world—it sounds wonderful.

While some people are struggling to make it big in places like Hollywood at this very moment, others are enjoying the same attention as stars due to genetic luck. They were born looking almost exactly like the celebrities we know and love. While some go about their ordinary lives like Clark Kent and Peter Parker would, others love to style their hair and dress up like those stars to highlight those similarities even more.

Bored Panda has a treat in store for you today: we’ve collected the most striking and impressive photos of celebrity lookalikes, including from the popular and well-known ‘Same de la Same’ Instagram account. Scroll down for some jaw-droppingly similar celeb doppelgangers and upvote the photos that impressed you the most. Did you have a hard time figuring out who was the star and who was the civilian? Let us know in the comments.

Bored Panda got in touch with Freddy Slivinski the founder of ‘Same de la Same,’ as well as with celebrity expert Mike Sington, from LA. Scroll down for our full interviews about stars and their lookalikes. And when you’re done enjoying this article, you might be interested in checking out some more celeb doppelgangers right here and here.

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