5 times Aaron Rodgers won the internet with meme treatment

Aaron Rodgers cannot escape the memes. From R-E-L-A-X to the most recent developments with COVID, Rodgers has been a constant source of amusement across the NFL.

Whether it’s a football game or a post-game press conference, Rodgers always seems to find a way to do something funny. Here’s a look at five times the internet used Rodgers to get their point across in an amusing way.

Aaron Rodgers: 5 times memes took the internet by storm

#1 – “You’re vaccinated, right?”

This meme originated during the COVID controversy following Aaron Rodgers after it was learned that he never got vaccinated. Instead, he had been telling people that he was “immunized,” tricking people into considering him vaccinated through semantic play.

As a result, someone put together this picture summing up what had to have been a real conversation Rodgers had at one point.

In the meme, someone put Rodgers’ face over Anakin Skywalker’s face in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in the scene when Skywalker was falling in love with Padmeinmidala on Naboo. Rodgers gets called out for semantic play when Amidala asks him if he’s been vaccinated in a humorous way that leaves Rodgers speechless.

#2 – “R-E-L-A-X”

One cannot talk about Aaron Rodgers’ famous memes and quotes without mentioning his famous “R-E-L-A-X” speech. One season, with his team’s back against the wall after a slow start to the season, Rodgers was fielding questions about his team’s future.

Eventually, Rodgers had enough and told the NFL world to relax, calmly outlining what he needed to do and how it could be done.

The most famous thing he did was spell out the world relax. Later that season, the Packers made a run and everything was back to normal in Packer Land. To this day, “R-E-L-A-X” is arguably Rodgers’ most famous line to date and is used in sports arguments around the world to this day.

#3 – “Solo Flex”

The clip originated during a Monday Night Football game against the Atlanta Falcons after Robert Tonyan caught a 19-yard touchdown reception from Rodgers. In typical NFL fashion, the team swarmed the endzone to give Tonyan a pat on the helmet and show off for the camera.

Rodgers was a little late to the party but didn’t want to completely miss out on the fun. With the rest of the team already heading back, Rodgers ran in and flexed by himself, creating a hilarious image.

The best meme taken from this was posted by Adam Kramer, who said “when you fire off a tweet and it gets two likes,” cutting to Rodgers flexing alone in the endzone.

#4 – “COVID Toe”

#Packers Aaron Rodgers showing us his foot.Said he has a fractured toe and not COVID toe. https://t.co/CBwCFVnoOB

For years, we’ve been reading about injuries to players and seeing the occasional snap of bones, but shoving a foot into the camera is a new one. Rodgers, explaining his toe injury, decided that showing was better than telling and lifted his bare foot for the world to see.

Adding fuel to the fire, Rodgers called his injury “COVID Toe.” A few years ago, this may have sounded like a villain from a comic book.

Today, it is the reaction to a virus that happened in the weeks before Rodgers showed his toe to the world. Rodgers has reportedly walked back the “COVID Toe” comments, saying that he was just joking, but the image of Rodgers’ foot will live on.

#5 – “Shock and Awe”

Before the COVID controversy, Rodgers was on top of the world after defeating the Arizona Cardinals. During the game, Rodgers threw a pass and wanted to see the result as someone was tackling him.

He fell back and watched the pass as best he could. While falling, his chin strap slipped off and covered his face.

At the same time, his effort to crane his neck to see the pass created a funny face.

Aaron Rodgers says he’s already seen this photo. His comment? “The internet is undefeated”. https://t.co/TmQZPKkRiS

Those who watched the play live knew this could be something and got to work. Personally, something about this looks like Luke Skywalker when he found out about his fate in Star Wars Episode 8: the Last Jedi.

Others have used this image in a multitude of different ways and Rodgers was even asked about the meme personally. According to Packers News, Rodgers had talked about the memes that had surfaced recently.

In response, the quarterback said “the internet is undefeated,” adding, “It’s not a crying Jordan meme, thankfully, I guess.”

Rodgers may not have that meme, but he has plenty of others as evidenced above.


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