6-year-old twins amaze internet with stunning cleaning habits

These kids have accomplished more in their six short years than most of us have in a lifetime.

A mom on TikTok has become the envy of parents everywhere posting videos of her 6-year-old twins waking up at 6 a.m. to cook and clean for themselves before going to school.

The proud mama, @shopping666 on TikTok, shared her kids’ rigorous schedules, starting with their early-bird wake-ups.

In one video of her son, she follows him from the moment he wakes up in bed until he leaves for school.

His routine for the morning includes: steaming clothes for the day, cooking breakfast, washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom and taking out the trash.

He even cleans the soles of his shoes before stepping out the front door.

The 29 million viewers seemed to be astounded at the video, which received 2 million likes and nearly 35,000 baffled comments.

“So he’s ready to move out,” said one surprised person.

“This kid did more in one day than I have done all year,” said another surprised user.

Boy does chores
The 6-year-old washed everything down before heading to school for the day.
Courtesy of @shopping666

In another video, she also shows her daughter’s routine — making her bed, cooking breakfast and washing the floors — which has garnered nearly 20,000 likes and more than 145,000 views.

“Can I borrow your daughter,” asked one jealous user on the video, which has amassed more than 3 million views.

Other videos show the children’s afterschool routines, too, which are comprised of cooking more food and finishing homework. Their younger sibling is only 3 years old but has a perfected daily routine just like the rest of his family.

Many rallied around the mother’s parenting, saying she was disciplining him well for the future.

“His parents are doing him a favor by setting him up for success. He’s gonna be the boss of all your kids,” commented one TikToker.

“It’s like living in the showroom at Ikea,” chided one viewer.

“Kinda wanna cry,” lamented someone else. “I am more than double her age and she had a better morning routine then me.”

But while some people were amazed at how organized and productive the twins are, others weren’t so thrilled at how much work they were forced to do.

“Give her a regular childhood,” demanded one user.

“She’s SIX?! Not sure how to feel about this one, feels like she grew up too fast,” said another.

Kids do chores
Not only do the kids get themselves ready for school, but they cook and clean all by themselves.
Courtesy of @shopping666

In a video captioned “the living habits of a three-year-old child,” the toddler cleans up after himself in the living room and even vacuums — which crossed. alone for some outraged commenters, who expressed their concern for the kiddo.

“He’s a child let him be one,” commented one sympathetic viewer.

“Poor kid can’t live his childhood,” said another.


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