8-second Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson clip breaks the internet

The legends all came out on Sunday as the NBA honored the Top 75 greatest players of all time. There were more than a few noteworthy moments throughout the celebration, but as it turns out, the moment that ended up breaking the internet was a brief encounter between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

These two names carry a lot of weight with them so it’s not surprising at all that an eight-second clip of these two legends talking smack garnered over four million views in a matter of days (h/t Alex Kennedy of BasketballNews.com):

It’s only fitting that an MJ-Magic clip ends up smashing this season’s record for most-viewed NBA video. The fact that Jordan literally challenged Magic to a one-on-one game right then and there definitely helped boost the virality of this brief clip.

This got me thinking. How would a one-on-one game between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson play out? At 59, MJ is three years the junior of Magic. It’s also Jordan who appears to be in better game shape than Johnson. Surely, these factors will play a significant role in a potential matchup. Oh, and there’s also the fact that MJ is the GOAT. So there’s that, too.

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