A Safe and Secure Internet Sales Meeting Location Has beenEstablished

A Safe and Secure Internet Sales Meeting Location Has beenEstablished | Marshall County Daily.com

With the increasing number of internet and social media sales transactions taking place that requires an in-person meeting with an unknown buyer or seller to exchange merchandise and/or payment, a safe and secure location for these transactions to occur has been established by the Graves County Sheriff’s Office.

The location designated is right in front of the newest location of the Graves County Sheriff’s Office located at 1102 Paris Road Suite 6, in Mayfield. The location is marked with signage. This particular location is within feet of the sheriff’s office front public entrance and is under 24 hour a day video surveillance. The spot designated is available for public use anytime, day or night. In addition to the video surveillance, law enforcement officers are usually present at all times during business hours, and sporadically during nights and weekends.

We are excited to be able to offer this service and hopes that it may bring some peace of mind to those meeting a stranger for a business transaction. If a buyer or seller seems reluctant to meet you at this location to complete the transaction, that should be a good indicator to not conduct the transaction at all.


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