Adopted Cat’s ‘Rap Sheet’ Leaves Internet in Stitches

Adopting a new pet often means a lot of paperwork, but an unusual piece of information one new owner received has left the internet in stitches.

Shared on Reddit on Saturday, user Familiar-Memory9316 posted a picture of the print-out document with the caption: “My cat came with a rap sheet.”

RAP stands for Record of Arrests and Prosecutions, and a “rap sheet” is another term for a criminal record.

In the image, the sheet shares “things to know” about the feline which included: “Goopy eyes,” “Will trip you/walk between your legs,” “Not a big fan of hard treats,” “Stinky boy,” and “Not vocal–Goes to meow but just kind of exhales in a pathetic way.”

With over 27,000 upvotes, the post has delighted Redditors who have commented and shared jokes about the sheet.

“Sounds like you got a good one,” wrote one user, while another said: “It’s not a rap sheet, it’s his résumé.”

One Redditor wrote: “I can feel their love for your little boy pouring from the paper,” and another said: “When getting a new cat, always ask for the CatFax!”

Compared to the 1970s, pet ownership in the U.S. has increased by more than 300 percent. According to the American Pet Products Association, cats are the second most popular pet in the United States, with an estimated 2.1 million cats adopted each year.

In later comments, the poster Familiar-Memory9316 shared that he disagreed with some of the points on his pet’s “rap sheet.” He said: “He can totally meow like a wide range! He just didn’t want to talk to them,” and also shared: “He isn’t stinky he farts defensively if he doesn’t want to be held.”

Other users on Reddit shared the information they feel their cat should have arrived with. One user wrote: “Mine should have come with: Screams when hungry. Screams when not hungry. Screams in the morning. Screams when you leave.” Another commenter said: “My cat’s rap sheet: Knocks things off shelves, Claws pictures on the wall, Hops up on the dinner table.”

One Redditor shared that they make sheets like this when they re-home kittens: “I make these for my foster kittens when they go to be adopted. Don’t bring any of my babies back!” Another user replied: “I love this. I got minimal information about my little guy from the shelter. All of this is good to know.”

The ginger kitty, who is called Sebastian, also has his own Instagram account under the handle Sebastian_james.thecancat, where his owner shares updates and images of the newly adopted feline.

Newsweek has reached out to Familiar-Memory9316 for comment.

Bad cat image
A file photo of a mug shot of a cat. A cat owner has shared the “rap sheet” his newly adopted pet came with in an online post that has gone viral.
AnatoliYakovenko/Getty Images


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