After The Internet Debated Whether Will Smith Or Denzel Washington Are The Better Actor, They’re Facing Off At The Oscars Again

Over the past several months the Internet had been obsessed with debating Will Smith and Denzel Washington, trying to pinpoint who is, in fact, the better actor. The debate ran around so wildly that Washington was even asked about it on a red carpet and had a fun answer. Now, the two heavy hitters are going to be facing off at the Oscars for a second time, and I’m a little surprised about the Internet’s reaction in this case. 

A Brief History Lesson On Will Smith, Denzel Washington And The Oscars 

Here’s a brief history lesson on Will Smith and Denzel Washington. Both had been nominated for Academy Awards ahead of the full list of Oscar nominations coming down the pipeline this week. Will Smith had previously been nominated for Ali in 2002 and The Pursuit of Happyness in 2007; he won neither before getting nominated again for King Richard this year. Washington, on the other hand, has been nominated a slew of times and has won twice. 


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