An internet boyfriend often is not who he says he (or she) is | Columnists

Michael: What? No, I don’t know anyone named Brandi. I live in Podunk, Wisconsin.

The host gets Michael to send a video of himself saying that, then shows it to Brandi. Brandi is crushed.

Brandi: What? That’s Kendall, but it’s not Kendall! Oh my gosh, if that’s not Kendall, who have I been talking with for all this time?

Shelby, shaking head: Giiiiirl, that’s bad.

Next, the host does a reverse phone number search on the phone number Brandi’s been using to text this so-called Kendall. He finds a name – “That says it’s registered to Jonathan, in the same city as Shelby!”

The host calls Jonathan: Hey man. We have this phone number for you but it’s used by a man named Kendall to communicate with someone named Brandi. Can you help us get in touch with Kendall?

Jonathan: Oh yeah. Brandi is my sister Shelby’s best friend. I know her.

Host: We’re trying to get to the bottom of this. Who is this Kendall who says he’s going to marry Brandi?

Jonathan: Uh – hey man, I’ve got to go to work. I’ll talk to ya later.

Host: But we just need a minute of your –


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