An Interview With DeuxMoi, the Internet’s Lady Whistledown

Dearest readers, the time has come for another season—of Bridgerton. In honor of the highly anticipated return of the Regency-era romp, we’re digging up all the sex, scandals, and secrets of the Netflix show. Sorry Lady Whistledown, Marie Claire’s “Bridgerton Week” is about to be the hottest read in town.

If there are two brands that have a stranglehold on anonymity they’re Lady Whistledown and DeuxMoi. While the former operates in Regency-era London and the latter commands a more amorphous Internet audience, both delighting and scandalizing their respective tons, hiding behind the clever pen names and a trademark writing style. (“Dearest gentle reader” may as well be Bridgerton‘s version of “Anon pls.”) 


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