Angel Academy Youth Benefit from Internet Access from Flow Foundation

Several of Jamaica’s youth attached to the Angels Table Tennis Academy in Spanish Town are now better equipped to do their assignments and online training thanks to the provision of high-speed internet access in their community by the FLOW Foundation.

Head coach and founder of the Angels Table Tennis Academy, Richard Davidson said of the installation of the Wi-Fi service, “There are many homes that do not have internet access and we want our children to have the internet to do their research and complete their homework, so it’s a big plus not only for the academy but the community as well. Any child that does not have internet at home can come to the academy and have access to it.”

The internet service will also help students attached to the academy to practice their table tennis skills. The students, who serve on Jamaica’s national table tennis team and attend St. Jago High school, attested to the benefits of now having internet access. “I am doing 16 subjects and I have homework for most of them so having the internet at the academy is very helpful as I can take a few minutes while at training to work on my assignments. The internet will also help me with table tennis training. There are many videos online I can watch to learn from other players and practice it same time while in training,” said national player, Le-Anna Smith.

Internet connectivity remains a challenge across the island. Over 600,000 students have little to no access as highlighted recently by former Technology Minister, Daryl Vaz. The Angels Academy, now equipped with internet service will help bridge this gap as Richardson outlined plans to include a homework center and other activities for the expansion of the academy to better serve Spanish Town and Surrounding communities.



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