Angelus Layne is a can’t miss internet sensation

The Independent wrestling circuit is filled with new talent, shows, and dream matches. Many have leveraged the power of social media to build themselves up. That’s where Angelus Layne excelled and proved herself to be a major piece of the puzzle with the indies rising to higher heights in 2022.

Angelus Layne is a much watch competitor of the Independent Wrestling circuit.

First time seeing Angelus was not through a wrestling match, but via Twitter. There are so many wrestlers on Twitter with a fast-paced timeline, it’s sometimes hard to stand out. Angelus gave every fan a reason to pay attention to her through her presence, natural energy, and love for wrestling.

The high energy and pride she took in every tweet to build up her personal brand were noticeable and key for curiosity about her. So many first impressions for most fans will be via social media before they ever watch a wrestling match.

Even though her social media presence and capability to stand out were impressive, it was time to watch her in the ring for the first time. It was the ultimate test to see if what’s viewed in her matches complements her energy on social media.

The unique thing about her ring style is that she’s a brawler who isn’t afraid of the sight of her own blood. If she isn’t bleeding, she becomes a psychological brawler in the ring. Her accurate and precise strikes are as lethal as a power slam off the top rope. The cold and calculating blows with her targeting certain parts of her opponent’s body make her dangerous.

In independent wrestling, there has been a high demand for chaotic brawlers with an attitude. She fits the mold for a competitor who can innovate with every part of the arena being her weapon. Adding that to her high in-ring IQ makes her a wrestler capable of anything on a nightly basis.

When taking the time to learn more about Angelus after seeing her matches, her high energy stems from her recovering from a scary neck injury. Any wrestling fan knows that a neck injury is career-altering for a wrestler with zero guarantees of them ever being the same after.

Her recovery from the neck injury lit a fire under her, with her standing out to the point she is a major prospect for the independent wrestling circuit. She expresses gratitude by bringing her all to every opponent no matter the stipulation.

Not all companies will be able to contain Angelus, but the independent wrestling circuit is her stomping ground. She will even be making her debut for Paradigm Pro Wrestling on Feb. 18. Overall, she is looking to create more moments with a bigger reach through various promotions.

There is, however, one promotion that comes to mind as a potential home for Angelus: Game Changer Wrestling. She has yet to make her debut for GCW, but hopefully, that will change sometime this year.

Angelus fits the image and mold of GCW. Every superstar on the roster has a unique story that adds to the energy of the show, and it makes their show special. Angelus having such a unique story and a no-nonsense attitude, would be right at home with GCW and the smash-mouth style fans crave.

The next time a fan views Angelus Layne on social media, stream, or in person, fans should know they are witnessing a wrestler who is just getting started for 2022. Whether she appears in GCW or appears on another independent show, she is a competitor making moves and she’s not stopping anytime soon.


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