Apple emoji: Apple rolls out ‘pregnant man’, gender-neutral emojis, Internet brings up biology

If you own an iPhone, then you may have noticed some difference in emoji keyboards. Apple recently launched a software update which includes a “pregnant man” emoji as well as some other gender neutral ones.

According to reports, the tech giant rolled out the update in mid-March which includes gender neutral person with crown, pregnant man. The new emojis come with five different skin tones that users can choose from.

The feature with over 35 new emoticons was rolled out with iOS 15.4 update, according to several reports. Apple had released the ‘pregnant man’ and ‘pregnant person’ emoji in January this year which was part of an optional update.

The recent system update also feature some other interesting emojis such as a troll, beans, disco ball, melting face and more.

However, the pregnant man and gender-inclusive emojis isn’t the first move by Apple towards making people of different communities feel welcome. In 2019, the tech company added several same-sex couples and gender-neutral emojis to iPhone’s keyboards.

To the recent update, Internet has reacted in a different way by making fun of Apple and suggesting that the ‘pregnant man’ is actually just “too full after eating”.

Meanwhile, the iOS 15.4 iPhone update came packed with some key features such as ability to unlock your phone even while wearing a mask, live text integration with notes and reminders and more.


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