Apple Watch your iPhone not connected to internet bug

I have an old Watch 1st gen linked to my iPhone that died. Worked perfectly. I rarely wear with home office but we used to use the WalkiTalkie feature to my husband Watch 4 which we have just to the EKG and steps and maybe to tell Siri to turn on and off lights.

So, I disconnected it from my old Apple ID to prepare to link it to my iPhone SE 2nd gen.

My iPhone with Full Whatever we call WIFI spread and cell at 5 bars says, you are not connected to the internet. Only about 2,000 people have this with all sorts of watches, not just old ones.

I tried every single trick and zero results, so grabbed two of our OLD phones a 5 (used to be paired to that) and a 6 (was also paired to that). Now the iPhones that used to pair say, “your iPhone is too old”

There is no way to stop the “Your Apple Watch OS needs to Update” followed by “you are not connected to the internet” on either of our newer iPhones.

Does anyone know maybe a terminal line commands that would bypass? or force the watch to update the WatchOS?

My husband who is one of the founders of KMUG and has used Macs for over 33 years spent hours. He has sold thousands of Macs over the years and says he will still use them but never recommend them again. He says Apple has clearly lost its integrity.

I have one of the Flexgates MBP which Apple admitted the fault in the 2016 models and replaced screens and fixed the issue with a longer cable in 2018 but screw anyone in the 2017 model which showed a slight problem three months out of AppleCare (his 2017 MBP 15″ had the screen replaced because it was defective the first month and seems like he got the longer cable). These are not the bargain MBPs but the very top-of-the-line, fastest chip, full RAM, and 1TB SSD. I love the computer but to have me pay $3,350 to have a $12 part break because you put in a cable that is too short is more a Donald Trump sort of play.

I understand people make mistakes. Apple not standing up and admitting this has made me wonder about the value. Used to be quality but “If we make a mistake, our customers should pay for our mistakes!”

I certainly will never buy a MBP for them again. I can use a kindle during travel.

It is sad to see the decline of a great company. Tim Cook might be a great supply line negotiator but his integrity is right on par with Donald thee Chump.


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