Arvig to improve internet service in Perham and several other rural areas in 2022 – Perham Focus

Arvig will invest $19.9 million in construction projects to improve internet access and upgrade networks in seven rural Minnesota areas in 2022.

Arvig is entering the sixth year of a 10-year commitment to use its share of funding from the FCC’s Alternative Connect America Cost Model to build and improve internet networks in rural areas.

This year, crews will service Audubon, Morgan, Parkers Prairie, Perham, Red Del, Vesta, and Walnut Grove.

When construction is complete in late fall 2022, residents in these areas will have access to internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second, as well as television and phone service.

“Arvig is pleased to continue this long-term effort to improve internet access in rural Minnesota,” said David Arvig, vice president and chief operating officer at the company. “Arvig is committed to bringing high quality broadband services to these communities in 2022.”


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