AT&T, Dish strike deal on internet service distribution

Dish Network customers will be able to buy AT&T internet services, including gig-speed fiber, under a new distribution agreement between the two companies.

As of this week, new and existing Dish customers can order AT&T internet services by contacting Dish.

Dish already provides internet services via fiber, Fixed Wireless Access, satellite or cable partners, rather than through its own satellite infrastructure. The deal with AT&T creates a tighter business tie between the two companies, even as Dish is in the process of moving its wholesale mobile customers that it acquired as part of the Department of Justice deal that allowed the T-Mobile US/Sprint merger to go forward, onto AT&T’s network rather than that of T-Mobile US.

“At AT&T, we’re constantly thinking of ways we can better serve and provide for our customers. Through this new arrangement with Dish, we’re able to do just that by seamlessly offering our super-fast broadband services to more customers across the nation,” said Jenifer Robertson, EVP and GM of mass markets at AT&T Communications. “This is another step towards our goal of becoming the best broadband provider in America.”

“Dish is always looking for ways to improve the overall customer experience,” said Amir Ahmed, EVP of Dish TV. “Adding AT&T Internet to our robust lineup of TV and home integration services enhances our ability to provide better overall service, technology and value to our customers.”

In mid-2021, Dish Network and AT&T struck a $5 billion, 10-year deal to move Dish’s wireless customer traffic — including customers of its Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile and Republic Wireless brands — to AT&T’s network, instead of Dish continuing to use T-Mobile US’ network. Dish feuded with T-Mobile US over the shutdown of T-Mo’s 3G network, which it said was premature and impacted its ability to successfully transition customers. Dish is in the process of building out its own network, but it is going to need wholesale network access — a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) arrangement — to support customers until it actually has a wireless network that can support them.

Dish began commercially offering 5G services in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this month.

T-Mobile US officially shut down the old Sprint CDMA network as of March 31, but some areas will reportedly still have migration occurring until the end of this month. T-Mobile US plans to shut down the former Sprint LTE network as of June 30, 2022.


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