Australian PM’s Chicken Korma “Raw”, Says Internet. He Responds

Australian PM's Chicken Korma 'Raw', Says Internet. He Responds

The picture posted on Facebook has garnered over 20,000 likes

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is currently campaigning for the upcoming federal elections, took to social media on Sunday night to post a picture of a home cooked meal. In a post titled “Strong Curry. Strong Economy. Stronger Future”, the Prime Minister shared the photo of his meal comprising of Sri Lankan tamarind eggplant and okra curry along with chicken korma. The internet, however, was quick to point out a major flaw with the picture with many users commenting that the chicken looked raw and undercooked.

The picture posted on Facebook has garnered over 20,000 likes, along with over 7,000 comments with many concerned about the PM eating raw meat. “Pray to god you do not get Salmonella eating the pink raw chicken. Eat Chicken responsibly,” one user commented. Another added that the PM would “be lucky to stay out of the hospital”.

Some saw the lighter side of things with user Darcy Voumad writing, “Lovely piece of raw chicken centre right of frame!! Enjoy!” Prime Minister Scott Morrison however adamantly responded to this comment saying, “I can assure you, the chicken was cooked.”

According to, the photo has sparked controversy with several social media users pointing out the government’s detention of Sri Lankan asylum seekers as irony of the Prime Minister posting a picture of Sri Lankan food.

Australia is all set for potentially historic election on May 21 with the opposition Labor Party set to give a tough challenge to Morris’ Liberal Party.


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