Bad Gal Riri’s Pregnancy Breaks the Internet

Barbadian singer, actor, fashion designer and entrepreneur Robyn Rihanna Fenty is expecting her first child at 33-years-old. 

Last week, Rihanna and rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky were photographed taking a stroll through the streets of New York City. In traditional Fenty fashion, the mogul let her mesmerizing style do the talking. 

Shot by Miles Diggs, Rihanna is pictured rocking a vintage long pink Chanel puffer coat along with it a baby pump that slightly poked over her light blue low-rise jeans. Beside her, A$AP wore a Carhart jacket and black leather pants. 

In a GQ interview last May, Rihanna and A$AP confirmed their long-speculated relationship. In it, he calls her the “love of my life.” 

Although fans are enjoying the relationship and the grand style of the reveal, some fans do not approve of her relationship with A$AP because of past speculation of discriminations against darker complexions.

“I don’t know anything about A$AP Rocky,” freshman architectural engineering student Madison Mcaulay said. “Isn’t he a colorist?” 

Many Rihanna fans claimed they were disappointed she was dating the rapper back in December of 2020 when the two were spotted together in Barbados. Although fans showed mostly love for Rihanna and her bundle of joy, some fans can’t shake the feeling that A$AP is not a good match for her. 

Rapper and R&B artist Drake was also trending this weekend due to many fans fantasizing if Rihanna was pregnant with his baby instead. 

In 2016, the two sparked dating rumors after making appearances at music awards together. The relationship, however, was short-lived. Twitter users created various memes on how he might have reacted towards the news of their pregnancy. 

Freshman computer engineering student Talyn Lockhart reflected on his feelings towards the news.

“It should’ve been me. No, but really I don’t think it should have been Drake because, well, it’s Drake,” Lockhart said. 

Other fans felt the same way because around the time he and Rihanna had split, the rapper was said to have a child with another woman. Speculations that he had cheated on Rihanna during their relationship soon followed. 

The biggest question for fans after this announcement is, how will this affect her career?

Since 2018, Rihanna has been teasing the release of her long-awaited studio album “R9.” After pushing back the release date several times giving fans little to no information, and now confirming that she’s pregnant, fans are starting to believe she’ll never release a new album. 

Charity Counts, a freshman kinesiology student, feels as if Rihanna should make new music, but understands the demand of her career endeavors. 

“She should’ve …dropped that album, but she was busy saving the world. So, I’ll give her a pass. I’d give her two to three years to drop the album as she is a mom now. After that, she’ll probably be done with music,” Counts said. 

Despite not dropping an album over the years, Rihanna has been hard at work. From raising money for COVID-19 response to being appointed as an ambassador of Barbados, she has been busy outside of her many businesses.

She also released a skincare line called Fenty Skin and announced the soon release of Fenty parfum. Her range seems endless. 

It is unknown how far along Rihanna is in her pregnancy, but judging by the size of her baby bump, it’s safe to say we’ll hear news of her giving birth in the next couple of months. For now, congrats to Rihanna and A$AP on their very first child.


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