Bangladesh Ferry Crash Video Shocks Internet

'Hard To Watch...': Bangladesh Ferry Crash Video Shocks Internet

People gather at the bank of Shitalakshya River, after the ferry crash on Sunday.

A video from Bangladesh is doing the rounds on social media which shows a large marine vessel pushing and drowning a small ferry in Bangladesh. At least half a dozen people are dead and more than 100 missing after the ferry packed with people collided with the cargo vessel on Sunday.

The incident took place between MV Ruposhi-9 inland cargo carrier and MV Afsaruddin on the Shitalakshya River near capital Dhaka.

The video shows the bigger vessel dragging the small ferry for a few metres before it tilts and finally goes completely under water. Some people are seen jumping off the ferry to save their lives.

The merchant vessel comes to a halt but not before the ferry is completely under water.

The video has been taken by people in the nearby vessel. They are heard shouting in alarm as the cargo vessel collided with the ferry.

The video was posted on many social media platform, including Reddit, where it has been viewed more than 25,000 times.

Some of the users were shocked to see the entire video. Others talked about taking precautions and which direction to swim to if such an unfortunate incident happens.

“Hard to watch those who jumped off the side only to be sucked under the ship,” said a user on Reddit. Another added: “My biggest fear.”

Some users discussed the ways to increase survival chances if someone faces such an accident. “Jump early and swim as fast as possible perpendicular to the ships,” the user said.

The police said on Sunday that they recovered five bodies including a man, three women and a child.

The ferry was believed to be carrying more than 60 passengers, and 22 of them had safely swum ashore, police inspector Aslam Mia was quoted as saying by news agency AFP.


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