Ben&Ben advocate responsible internet usage with Google collab song ‘Mag-ingat’

Filipino band Ben&Ben have teamed up with Google for the song ‘Mag-ingat’, which aims to advocate for responsible internet usage.

Out today (February 8) on the folk-pop outfit’s YouTube channel, the single promotes internet safety and digital responsibility. It tackles different issues people face in cyberspace – including scams, catfishing and fake news.

The group prompt the question of how internet users can discern what’s real from what’s not, and leave listeners a reminder in the chorus: “Mag-ingat sa pang-aabuso / Ingat sa pang-aapi / Ingat ka sa nakatago / May balak na marumi” (“Be safe from abuse online / Be safe from harm / Be safe from those who have / hidden ill intentions”).

Listen to ‘Mag-ingat’ here:

In the press conference for the single’s launch, the nine-piece band shared that, despite the serious theme, they aimed to produce a fun and playful anthem that listeners could easily relate to.

“When you’re in a communal space, there are certain responsibilities that come along with it and you just can’t do anything that you want,” vocalist Miguel Benjamin said. “And from the nature of the word ‘responsibility’, it starts within the self.”

The song is a “call to action”, he added. “With ‘Mag-ingat’, we wanted to use our music to spread awareness on such a timely and important issue – because all of us are responsible for making sure that the internet is a safe and positive space for everyone.”

‘Mag-ingat’ is Ben&Ben’s first release of the year. Late last month, they were forced to cancel a showcase in Dubai due to positive COVID-19 tests within the band and their team.

Last year, the group – who clinched the Best Band From Asia award at the BandLab NME Awards 2022 – teamed up with several fellow Filipino artists for their sophomore album ‘Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno’. They also worked with international artists WeiBird for the track ‘Cheap Love’ and Day6’s Young K for a rendition of their song ‘Leaves’.


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