Benicia Teen Accused of Ordering 50 Doses of LSD on the Internet – NBC 7 San Diego

Benicia police are sending a warning to parents after a 15-year-old was accused of ordering 50 doses of LSD on the internet.

Detectives along with the U.S. Postal Inspection service intercepted the shipment of illegal drugs.

“Controlled substances traveling through the mail have led to overdoses, injuries and illnesses, sadness and tragedy across the country,” said inspector Matthew Norfleet.

The case has been turned over to the Solano County District Attorney’s office.  It’s unclear at this point whether charges will be filed.

In the post from the police, they showed the LSD tucked inside a trading card sleeve alongside popular trading cards.

Parents said they were aware of the problem.

“You can order anything online, all kinds of stuff but not in our house,” said parent Jasmine Corpus.

Inspector Norfleet said cracking down on these cases is not easy because the websites look professional and there are no protections to stop them from popping up even though what they’re selling is illegal.

“Postal inspectors have been unraveling all kinds of ways people tried to hide things,” he said. “I would say if you think you are hiding from postal inspectors you’re probably not doing a good of a job you think you are.”

And he said he has a message for parents.

“I would tell people to let their kids know this is not a safe process. These controlled substances are not what you think they are, they are not a safe way to get things to put in your body,” said Norfleet.


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