Best Holiday Sales on Home Internet in Canada (2021)

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The best holiday home internet deals are popping up as we approach Boxing Day, with Cogeco, Telus, and Fido at the top of our list. 

Cogeco has its UltraFibre 1Gig Unlimited plan discounted for the next 120 months with a $50 credit, and Telus’ PureFibre Gigabit Internet plan is just $99/month on a two-year deal. Meanwhile, Fido is offering a budget-friendly 150Mbps plan for half price during your first year of service. Read on to learn more details about these plans, as well as other excellent offers available right now.

Best Holiday Deal on Home Internet

Editor’s Pick: Best Home Internet Deal 

Cogeco UltraFibre 1Gig Unlimited

Why we love it: Cogeco’s offer this year includes a 120-month discount. That’s ten years of discounted Gigabit internet, plus a one-time $50 bill credit to get you started. This kind of offer stacks up with some of the best we’ve seen lately, especially considering it doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Cogeco also gives you the option to add Wi-Fi pods to your monthly bill if you want full wireless internet coverage in your home.

Runner up: Telus PureFibre Gigabit Internet

Why we love it: Telus’ network is one of the fastest in the country, performing exceptionally well for browsing, gaming, streaming, and more. Getting Gigabit speed locked in at this price is a great way to keep your entire household connected. You will have to sign up for a two-year contract to get this pricing, but we think it’s worth it. Telus has some great bundle deals available as well.

Runner-up: Fido Internet 150u

Why we love it: While this plan isn’t quite as fast as the others on this list, it’s by far the easiest on your wallet. Fido is currently offering 50% off for the first year of internet service. With no contract and no cancellation fees, you’re free to shop around when your first year’s discount comes to an end. 

Holiday Sales on Home Internet Plans

Limited time discounts are quite prevalent during holiday sales. Watch out for how long the discount lasts and whether or not you’re signing up for a contract. These deals are often monthly discounts but can sometimes include a one-time credit. Here are the top options:

  • Cogeco: Get up to 20% off for 120 months on plans from 180Mbps and up.
  • TekSavvy: Discounts of $20/month on all cable internet plans. 
  • Videotron: Score a $64/month deal for 400Mbps for 24 months ($82/month after).
  • VMedia: Save $20/month on every internet plan for six months.
  • DistribuTel: Spend $79.95/month for the Internet 1Gbps Unlimited plan for six months ($99.95/month after).

Why we love these deals: Discounts on monthly bills are always nice, and these ISPs are delivering them this season. While the length and quality of the discount vary by carrier, there’s at least one discounted option available for much of the country.

Incentives and Bonus Offers

These promotions typically include gifts like smart home devices, prepaid VISA cards, or accessories like headphones. Incentives typically get better as the speed and price of the plans increase. Here are a few current offers:

  • oxio: Service plans include a free eero router.
  • Rogers: Get a $100 bill credit and 12 months of Disney+ when you subscribe to an Ignite Internet plan ($11.99 after).
  • Shaw: Receive a $100 bill credit and $10 discount for 24 months.

Why we love these deals: Getting a bill credit or a free piece of hardware is always nice. These deals are often among the most common, so we’ll keep an eye out for anything new that pops up during the lead-up to Boxing Day.

Free Streaming Service Subscriptions

Streaming services have become more common as replacements for traditional TV and ISPs are noticing. Free year-long subscriptions are available with multiple providers for platforms like Disney+ and Crave. These subscriptions allow you to watch what you want when you want, and often for cheaper than traditional TV. Check out these current offers:

  • Rogers: Free Disney+ for one year when you subscribe to an Ignite Internet plan ($11.99/month after) and a $100 bill credit.
  • Bell: Get Crave for 12 months with select Fibe internet and TV bundles ($20.00/month after).
  • Eastlink: Free Crave for two months when you add TV to your bundle ($20.00/month after).

Why we love these deals: If you plan to keep up to date with series like Disney+’s Hawkeye already, why not get your ISP to pay for it? The details of pausing an existing streaming account to take advantage of these bonuses may differ from service to service, but it’s always nice to get extra value from your plan.

Amazing Deals on Service Bundles

Internet, TV, home phone, home security, and cell phone service bundles are available with certain carriers. Bundling can save you as much as 50% on your bills for the first year of your service. Discounts on bundles can expire, so we recommend putting a reminder in your calendar for a couple of months before your discounts run out so you can renegotiate with your ISP. 

  • Telus: Bundle internet, TV, cell phone, and home security with Telus to receive up to $600 in credits, AirPods Pro, and a 55” Samsung 4K HDR Smart TV. This deal requires contracts.
  • Rogers: Choose the Ignite Flex 10 bundle with Ignite Internet 150u for $134.99/month with free Disney+ for a year ($11.99/month after) and a $139 credit.
  • Bell: Get Crave for 12 months with select Fibe internet and TV bundles ($20.00/month after).
  • Cogeco: Pick the Epico Basic bundle with 360Mbps internet for $105/month (a $30.50 discount for 120 months). 

Why we love these deals: Having just one bill to pay at the end of each month can save headaches and sorting through emails. It’s even better when that one bill is being discounted and credited. Since Telus currently has several gifts available like AirPods and a Samsung Smart TV, don’t be surprised if another ISP or two follow suit with gifts of their own. We’ll be on the lookout for those.

Whole-Home Wi-Fi Deals

Wi-Fi is how most of us connect to the internet, so having a signal that’s strong enough to reach your entire property is crucial for avoiding slow speeds and frustrating buffers. Getting a Wi-Fi 6 plan and combining it with a Wi-Fi extender will keep you connected throughout your home. 

  • oxio: Service includes one eero router. You can add another eero for $6/month or two eeros for $12/month.
  • Cogeco: Add two Wi-Fi pods for $7/month or three for $12/month.
  • Bell: All Fibe plans include Wi-Fi 6; add two Wi-Fi pods for $10/month. 

Why we love these deals: Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi 6 technology are continually improving.  Ensuring that a Wi-Fi plan will work throughout your home can give you faster and more stable internet performance on all of your connected devices. The discounts currently on offer make this a perfect time to upgrade your home network. 

While these are some of the best plans currently available, WhistleOut’s team of experts will continue to monitor major Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deals and discounts to help you make the best choice for your new home internet service. 


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