Best Internet Service: TISD |

TISD has been in business for over 27 years, offering broadband wireless internet across the Texas Gulf Coast region at an affordable rate.

The company has a coverage area that stretches over 3,000 square miles and a subscriber base of more than 10,000 customers.

“The entire TISD team works hard each day to make every customer a priority. Our goal is to provide quality service and an excellent customer experience. We provide our employees with the tools to be successful and in turn they are able to assist customers in the best possible way,” said Donna Castor, TISD’s CEO.

Their great talent and happy workforce is what sets TISD apart from its competition and earned it the award of best internet service provider in the region, she said.

“2022 is a huge year for TISD. We have several long-term projects that will be coming to completion this year, including expanding our footprint. We are implementing new technology to give our customers faster speeds than ever before, ” Castor said.

Its new streaming service, Vidgo launched on April 1. It is a live TV streaming service that offers thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. The channels range from local and national news, to sports, to Discovery and Hallmark. Castor believes TISD’s customers will love it.

“After 27 years of service to the community, it is truly an honor and a privilege to be the first internet service provider to have won this award. This company was built on serving our community and we appreciate our customers for voting for us,” she said.


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