Big Tech is ruining the promise of the internet

The internet is thoroughly embedded into our day-to-day lives, and its impact has only amplified as the world continues to grapple with the global pandemic. It has increasingly become the primary way we connect with loved ones, buy the things we need, and get the news. 

While the internet has succeeded in becoming a fundamental part of modern life, it is hard to shake the feeling that it has fallen woefully short of its highest aspirations promised by Silicon Valley. In the internet’s nascent days, its innovative possibilities seemed limitless, and its open and democratic culture created a feeling that it would drive opportunities that would benefit everyone.

That is clearly not how things have played out. Today the internet has become controlled by a handful of companies who exercise an unprecedented level of control over people’s lives. When these companies were in their infancy, like the internet itself, they were synonymous with innovation. However, these tech giants are abusing their market power to undermine fair competition and free-market capitalism. 


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