Bizarre Objects Fell from Sky in Maharashtra Village and Internet is Trying to Decode Them

Villagers In Maharashtra Discover Bizarre Objects. (Image Credits: Twitter/@Chaitalixxd)

When people discovered these objects, they were still hot

The internet is left in complete shock after villagers in Sindewahi tehsil in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district discovered a metal ring and a cylinder-like object lying on the ground. Not only this but meteor-like light rays were also spotted across the sky in several regions of Maharashtra. When people discovered these objects, they were still hot. The news of such weird objects being discovered spread like wildfire on the internet, leaving the netizens completely divided.

While some people thought that this was all a part of a meteor shower, others highlighted that it was debris from a rocket launched into space.

This is not the only unusual thing that happened in space this week. There have been reports of Saturn losing its rings. The rings are made of rock, ice, dust and are estimated to be 10 to 100 million years old. It has been discovered that the planet is losing its rings due to a phenomenon called ‘ring rain’. This is when a planet starts attracting ring matter that is falling from the ring and vaporising. To simplify, it can be said that Saturn is eating its rings. The revelation comes as a part of NASA’s mission Cassini. As a part of this mission, the planet was extensively analysed. While analysing, the astronomers could measure the amount of ring material flowing into the planet.

Also, dwarf planet Pluto seems to have given itself a makeover as scientists have detected evidence of relatively recent ice volcanoes on its surface. The discovery was made using NASA’s New Horizons mission. So far, the unique feature has not been observed anywhere else in the solar system. The discovery has been published in Nature Communications and it mentions a field of very large icy volcanoes termed cryovolcanoes.

Kelsie Singer, a deputy project scientist at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado said, “We found a field of very large icy volcanoes that look nothing like anything else we have seen in the solar system.”

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