Brazen Winnipeg Internet cable thief faces 9 charges

Winnipeg police have arrested one man after a string of thefts that resulted in disruption to Internet service in the city.

Investigators with the police service’s property crimes unit were alerted to a major Internet service provider having experienced several aerial cable thefts in early February, police said in a news release on Saturday.

The cables supply Internet to both businesses and residential properties.

The thefts resulted in disruptions to Internet service, affecting homes in some Winnipeg neighbourhoods, and causing financial losses for some businesses, the release added. 

The company that experienced the thefts estimated the total cost to replace and repair cables at $100,000.

After working with the company, police arrested a 45-year-old Winnipeg man on Thursday.

He was caught attempting to retrieve a previously cut cable, police said. He faces nine charges of theft over $5,000.

He was detained in custody.

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