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Oh, February. The shortest month of the year but packed with some important dates. Did you remember to celebrate the groundhog? How did that animal get on our calendar?

Two of our greatest presidents were born this month, Washington and Lincoln.

And then, who can forget Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. And, you better not, if you are married or have a special friend.

“Loveuary” is how some on TV have called it. It is an important day to remember someone that is loved by you.

I’ll get back to Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. But, first, I want to share with you some of the events leading up to now by a single man, mainly me.

I did not see or picture myself being single again at this age. I saw myself being married and having the nice companionship that that brings.

Divorce is tough, even if it must go that way. In order to meet someone, I got on one of those dating sites and used my computer to email others. To sum up 2021, I did meet six women, five of them by having lunch, and one at her doorway. One and done. Two were scams that were quickly taken off the site by the company. And one led to a phone call. Pretty much, nothing.

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But in early November, I was contacted via Facebook by a woman let’s call Liz. I knew her from seven years before. We had worked together at a high school and then had dated for several months after I had retired.


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