Cafe’s Views That Look Like a Photo Delight Internet

A picture of a seaside cafe’s window view in Jersey has gone viral for looking exactly like a picture hanging on a wall.

The picture which was shared on Reddit on Thursday by a Jersey resident who goes by the username, u/Maznay, features a seaside cafe’s window, a wooden table and a sunny beach with crystal clear water, a tiny island just a few feet off the shore and a martello tower in it.

“View from the cafe I was in almost looks like a picture hanging on the wall,” the post read, and it has so far received over 52k upvotes and about 500 comments.

Jersey is a small island in Europe, specifically in the channel between France (14 miles away) and England (85 miles away), and, according to the British government website it is defended and internationally represented by the UK government.

The island is only 5 miles long and 9 miles wide, is made up of 12 parishes, and according to the latest census, which took place in March 2021, its total resident population is just 103,267 people.

The members of the r/pics subreddit where the picture was originally shared, loved the looks of it and began asking where the painting looking paradise was located. One user, Simplelife12345, asked: “Where is this? Looks amazing”.

Some users, stunned by the picture, even asked for the specific coordinates of the exact location. Gillilandg said: “Your bucket list table awaits. Coordinates please?” And KarmaFarmerList answered: “49.172037204402656, -2.1779543698308887”.

Another user, tortillas556 wrote: “It’s so beautiful! And the sea looks so calm!”. Alexl1 added: “Thought this place looked a little too familiar until I realized it’s Portelet Bay!” MattAU05 wrote: “My first thought was “wow, that picture looks like a real nature scene.” But maybe my brain was subconsciously reading the title and inverted some words.”

Other users joked about the difference between Jersey and New Jersey. Ocelotofdamage said: “Wow, New Jersey was really a downgrade huh”, to which We-are-straw-dogs, answered: “There’s a new Jersey?!” And Joshypoo added: “Dude, there’s a whole New World!”

Some redditors pointed out that’s also the place where a famous British actor is from. JOMO_Kenyatta wrote: “Isn’t that where Henry Cavill is from? To which the original post answered “Yes it is.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/Maznay.

Portelet Bay
A stock image shows Portelet Bay, in Jersey, The internet was was amazed by a picture of the bay which looked like a photo hanging on the wall.
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