Cat Dressed as UPS Delivery Person With Package Delights the Internet

A cat named Benz has captured the hearts of the Internet with his UPS delivery person outfit complete with a package and a hat. Benz has a popular TikTok account, and he has gone viral before with over 220,000 followers.

TikToker @benzthesavannah shared the post on January 7 with the caption, “Emotional support delivery man #cat #catsoftiktok #chewy #boostofhope.” The short five-second video is accompanied by dance music, and it has been viewed 5.3 million times.

In it, Benz could be seen walking toward the camera on a sidewalk while wearing a UPS worker outfit. The cat’s ensemble made it look like he was holding a UPS package with hands, and it’s quite cute. He also had on a brown getup complete with sleeves and a hat with the iconic UPS logo. As he walked, the package moved from either side along to the music.

The screen also read at the same time: “On my way to deliver some serotonin for my humans’ stupid mental health.” The content can also be seen included in another of @benzthesavannah’s TikToks posted previously, which revealed it was Benz’s Halloween costume.

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Cat on back
A cat dressed as a UPS delivery person with a package has delighted the internet. Here, a cat on its back looking at the camera.

Over 340,000 people have liked the viral video of Benz so far with over 1,700 comments. Many TikTokers seem to appreciate the content.

A lot of people thought the content was cute. “Omg this is too cute,” someone said about Benz being all dressed up.

Some users had jokes. One TikToker wondered, “where’s the FexEx cat?”

A TikToker called Benz “the best delivery person in the world, such a good catto.”

Other people had comments like, “Best one I’ve seen,” and “So funny and cute.”

Another viewer loved the video, adding it made them “smile, and also my day.”

The positive comments were everywhere. “This is the content I need in my life,” another TikToker revealed.

One TikTok user admitted they “needed this,” adding, “Consider it delivered.”

While another viewer suggested it’s “just what” they “needed.” They also said, “Another reason to order things online.”

The jokes were in full force. “This is why my package never arrives on time…Walks so slow,” someone said.

However, one viewer called the situation “cruel and just for the entertainment for you and others.”

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @benzthesavannah for comment.


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