Cat With Hilarious ‘Zoomies’ Delights the Internet

Have you ever watched your cat and wondered what is going on in his mind? One video of a cat is leaving viewers thinking just that after the kitty’s funny behavior was caught on camera.

Shared on the Reddit forum r/StartledCats, the post, from user knowledge_pony, already has over 36,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Alongside the caption: “I was told you guys might like my mom’s cat Paulie (Paul),” the video shows the white cat running around and playing – delighting viewers.

Redditors loved the clip of the excitable kitty, with one commenter writing: “I can confirm. I like this cat,” while another said: “Paul is a weirdo but I love him.”

Many cat owners will recognize Paulie’s wild running —often referred to as the “zoomies”—as a common expression of energy in our pets. These bursts of energy are technically called frenetic random activity periods (FRAPs), and are seen in many domesticated and wild animals.

Documented in animals from ferrets to elephants, FRAPs often bring joy to humans thanks to the wild expression of energy that the animal can’t control. Cats are most likely to get the zoomies during dusk and dawn as that is when they’re most active.

Another user on the viral Reddit post said: “Now those are some intense zoomies,” while another user wrote: “This cat needs his own channel lol. I could watch for hours.”

Sarah-Jane White, an animal behaviorist from Ruffle Snuffle, told Newsweek: “If a cat has been sleeping a lot then it would seem natural to get up and reinvigorate your body with a full workout by tearing about. In the wild, a cat would need to be fully alert in an instant so zoomies would be a natural way for them to fire up all their senses quickly in case of danger.”

Should you do anything if your cat has the zoomies? “For the most part, no,” said White: “The zoomies are harmless and your cat will eventually settle down on their own. However, if you notice that your cat is having the zoomies more often than usual, it might be an indication that something is wrong.

“I’d recommend contacting your vet for advice, especially if you have an older cat as zoomies may indicate other problems that have onset with age.”

One Reddit user suggested that Paulie the cat may be in need of a friend: “Oh my gosh this cat needs a playmate. This cat is so absolutely ready to tussle with you!” But the poster shared that Paulie was already in good company, writing: “Paulie has two other cats and a dog to play with.”

Plus, it isn’t just there that Paulie was caught having fun, in another video shared by knowledge_pony Paulie can be seen playing in the hall, jumping around enjoying himself.

Last week, a blind cat melted hearts online when he was spotted meowing for his friends.

Newsweek has reached out to knowledge_pony for comment.

Cat running on sofa
A file photo of a cat running on a grey sofa. A video of one cat’s hilarious “zoomies” have delighted the internet.
Nils Jacobi/Getty Images


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