Channing Tatum lookalike explodes on TikTok and the internet is obsessed

TikToker Will Parfitt has been turning heads as commenters compare his likeness to actor Channing Tatum, but who exactly is this Magic Mike-inspired creator? 

We’ve all got a doppelganger out there somewhere, and the highest praise one could get is been compared favorably to a handsome celebrity. Will Parfitt is a TikToker and dancer in a Magic Mike-inspired dance troupe, but it isn’t just his dancing that’s getting fellow TikTok users hot under the collar.

The TikToker’s near uncanny likeness to The Lost City star Channing Tatum has brought the people of TikTok together.

an image of channing tatum tiktok will partiff
TikTok: Will Parfitt, Unwrapped Photos

The TikToker’s similar likeness to the 22 Jump Street actor has caught the attention of commenters.

Who is Will Parfitt? TikTok’s Channing Tatum lookalike

Will Parfitt is part of the Magic Mike-inspired dance troupe Magic Men, which travels the world to showcase original routines and homages to the Steven Soderbergh helmed films. Parfitt has uploaded numerous TikTok videos highlighting his distinct appearance, but one video suggests his “doppelganger” might be more attributed to Tatum’s Jump Street co-star Jonah Hill.

Magician @jacksonaces joking said, “that’s Tanning Chatum.”

However, the comparisons to the Tatum are constant, with many commenters echoing the statement: “Channing Tatum definitely!” Commenter @tylxrlxxn was convinced Parfitt was Tanning himself: “I legit actually thought it was Channing Tatum.”

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@will_parfittJONAH! 😂😂😂♬ original sound – What’s Poppin? With Davis!

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@will_parfittYour secrets safe with us 🤐 😂😂♬ damn my vid kinda did numberssss – taking a long break sorry guys

Parfitt’s journey to stardom is strangely akin to Tatum’s too, as they both began careers as dancers before getting scouted by promoters. Channing Tatum has yet to acknowledge his doppelganger, but TikTok might not be ready for that explosive crossover just yet.


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