Chihuahua ‘Sings’ Star Wars Song, Delights Internet: ‘Join the Bark Side’

A video of a Chihuahua “singing” along to a Star Wars song has gone viral on the internet leaving viewers stunned by the dog’s unusual talent.

In the footage, the dog, whose name is Ozzy, can be seen howling along with the music, keeping up with the rhythm and hitting even the highest of the notes.

His owner, who goes by the username u/Mysterious-Slice-498, shared the video in a Reddit post on Wednesday, which has so far attracted 17.6k upvotes and 300 comments.

A study by Queen’s University in Belfast, supervised by psychologist Dr Deborah Wells, analyzed dogs’ reactions to various musical genres to discover which they prefer. This turned out to be classical music, which has a calming effect on them.

In the study, dogs didn’t seem to show any reaction to pop music but had negative reactions to heavy metal, including barking and general agitation.

Members of the r/rarepuppers subreddit, where the post starring Ozzy was shared, expressed their amusement and didn’t hesitate to make all kinds of Star Wars jokes. One user, ghost_ottercrab, commented: “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far awoooooo”.

Another user, Fearless_Pop2291, said: “The force is strong in that one.”

TheWayNorth added: “when the song gets to its high point and this cute fluff goes with it, I felt a massive chill. Now I’d say that is usually just John Williams but now I know this dog has the force.”

Trangthemang said: “Ok ok, I’ll join the bark side.”

“I really think he’s trying to phone home! Sure he’s not some of Yoda’s people? I mean, he has some of the feats.” Craggmac added.

Most users were impressed by Ozzy’s singing abilities. PolishSoundGuy said: “What a great intonation, wow!” Gummy_yumyum said: “This is hauntingly beautiful.” And CrumbsAndCarrots joked: “If you listen without the video, sounds like a drunk Yoda face down singing himself to sleep.”

Some users even thought the Chihuahua was ready to sing for an audience. SincerelyCynical commented: “10/10. Time for a concert!” TRAVELS5 said: “Impeccable timing, clear voice, and that climatic shift!! It brought tears to my eyes ( almost, honestly).” Nunya1111 added: “He’s a particular fan of the English Horn and Flute. Get that boy orchestra tickets.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/Mysterious-Slice-498 for comment.

Chihuahua laying on a sofa
A Chihuahua “singing” along with music from “Star Wars” has left the internet in stitches. A stock image shows a picture of a Chihuahua on a sofa.
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