Colin Kaepernick dubs Rittenhouse a ‘terrorist’, Internet says ‘see ya at defamation’

Former San Francisco 49ers star and present-day civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick was heavily trolled on Twitter for his opinion on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. The 18-year-old’s full acquittal has resulted in mixed reactions amongst Americans and Kaepernick is on the side that believes he needed to be held accountable for the deaths of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum. He had driven to the Kenosha riots in August 2020 after the police shooting of Jacob Blake who has been rendered paralyzed for life. Rittenhouse was at the protests with an AR-15- style rifle, the one he wasn’t legally allowed to carry. His defense argued he was at the protests to provide medical aid and to protect property. Rittenhouse’s mother Wendy said the gun saved her son’s life who would’ve been murdered if he didn’t act in self defense. 

Coming back to Kaepernick’s tweet that got Rittenhouse supporters all riled up. “We just witnessed a system built on white supremacy validate the terroristic acts of a white supremacist. This only further validates the need to abolish our current system. White supremacy cannot be reformed,” he tweeted after the verdict. Speaking of the verdict, Rittenhouse was seen fighting back tears as the votes were being read in court and collapsed in his chair at the end of the announcement. He was trolled on the Internet for “ugly-crying” as well as the fact that he will be going back to school to be a nurse. 


Kyle Rittenhouse’s biggest crime is ‘ugly crying’, says Internet as he walks free

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Colin Kaepernick trolled for saying Rittenhouse was a ‘terrorist and white supremacist’ 

Rittenhouse’s acquittal has received mixed reactions. While his supporters chanted “praise God” outside the courthouse, protestors who wanted him to be punished for his actions at the Kenosha riots expressed their disappointment both outside the court as well as on social media. Kaepernick condemning the verdict left him vulnerable to receiving flak from the teenager’s supporters who hit back at him with harsh responses to his tweet. “You’ve made more money throwing a ball around for a year than 100 teachers, fire fighters, surgeons, professors, & cops will make in 10 years combined. Yet you whine; you divide; you hate; you complain. You’re an affront to human dignity. Stand tall. Be grateful. Have some grace,” wrote Gad Saad, an evolutionary psychologist. 

“Says the guy who compared being a millionaire NFL player to slavery…. got it,” another user tweeted. “This man is worth $40M talking about oppression. Feel free to share the wealth cuz you sure as hell don’t need 40m’s to live,” wrote another Twitter user along adding multiple clown emojis in the tweet. “What do you propose as a replacement? Trial by media? Trial by mob? You might want to sit this one out,” asked another. “Here’s hoping you get added to the list of defendants in the defamation lawsuit,” tweeted another user. “See ya at the defamation hearing,” quipped another. 





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