Columbia city officials in early discussions for Google Fiber internet | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA − Google Fiber could be making its way to Columbia.

City of Columbia Interim Public Works Director Shane Creech and Utilities Director David Sorrell said they met with Google Fiber representatives this week to discuss the opportunity of bringing gigabit internet to the city.

Fiber optic cable is much faster than traditional cable as it uses light to send information. Fiber is made of plastic, whereas traditional cable uses copper lines.

Creech told KOMU 8 in an email that the conversation focused on the city’s permitting and inspection processes for the possible installation within the city’s right of way and utility easements. 

There is no timeline of the project. Creech said they did not discuss how much of the city would be covered under Google Fiber nor the speed of service it would provide. 

Creech said he would summarize the the conversation as a “fact finding exercise on their part.” He said the city would treat Google Fiber as it would any other service provider in town.

Google Fiber currently serves less than 20 communities across the United States, including Kansas City. 


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