Comcast offering discounted internet services through federal program

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – With internet access becoming more of a necessity for households, Comcast is offering a way for Mississippi residents to receive discounted internet services though a federal program.

The federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program is providing Mississippi’s low-income households internet services.

“The program provides eligible, low-income households in Mississippi a credit of $30 a month toward the cost of any Xfinity internet service including our internet essentials as well as our Xfinity mobile service,” said Alex Horwitz, vice president of Comcast public relations.

“So, in some cases, the $30 a month credit could provide free internet to a household,”

For those who are interested in the program, call 1-800-COMCAST or visit its website at to see about qualifications.

“You know being connected sets students up to success in the classroom and it sets adults up to get whatever resources they need, including if they are working from home,” Horwitz said.

“The pandemic showed just how many people didn’t have that reliable home connection, so we saw cases where students would have to go to a Starbucks or a McDonald’s because they didn’t have a connection at home,”

The company also has another program called Internet Essentials, which has connected about 10 million Americans to internet at home.

“Between Internet Essentials and this ACP program, there’s a lot going on for folks that want to get connected,” said Horwitz.

According to Horwitz, the Essentials program is $9.95 a month for qualifying households and has been instrumental for families and students getting connected to the internet.

“It’s crucial that everyone has the online resources they need to excel in today’s economy,” Horwitz said. “We focused heavily on connecting those households that didn’t have internet access and so that’s why today’s news is really critical for Hattiesburg and Mississippi residents across the board.”

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