Comcast to continue its broadband internet expansion in Cape Coral

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — If you live in Cape Coral and have had trouble getting online, that could all change soon. The city is continuing its broadband internet expansion with Comcast.

They are focusing on three areas: Northeast, Northwest, and Central Cape Coral.

Right now, they are finishing up with phase one and have already started on phase two.

“I work from home so I’m on a lot of conference calls and the speed is just unbelievable slow,” said NW Cape resident Kevin Black.

Black said his street and the street behind currently don’t have Comcast or have the option to get it.

So he and neighbors, are looking forward to Comcast and the city to bring something high speed to the area.

“Many times I’m on a conference call it just simply says your internet connection is lost completely lock up people laugh because I freeze up on the screen, I have to log completely out of the call and log back in,” said Black.

“My wife and I, we actually take turns sometimes logging on and off the internet to make sure I can do my work which is just crazy.” 

The city and Comcast entered this partnership back in November. The city is now waiting for a federal grant to expand even further.

Count on NBC2 to keep you updated, as this project continues.


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