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Published March 25. 2022 02:45PM

A Carbon County commissioner voiced his issue with a sparring match that has been taking place between a colleague and an internet service provider over the county’s rural broadband study.

On Thursday, Commissioners’ Chairman Wayne Nothstein said he thinks the county “made a major mistake” by starting the study without first including all internet service providers that service the county. These include Atlantic Broadband, Blue Ridge Communications/PenTeleData, and Kinetic/Windstream.

“We should have brought them to the table to work with them right from the beginning,” he said.

He called for the back-and-forth arguments outlined in the Times News between Commissioner Chris Lukasevich and Blue Ridge Communications to stop.

“We have one of the biggest employers in the county who employ a lot of people. Plus they are the ones out there doing a lot of contributing to community events and sponsorships, etc.,” Nothstein said.

“This has got to stop. We need to sit with our providers and get on the same page on how things are going to move forward.”

Nothstein’s comments followed Lukasevich’s comments regarding an article in the Times News that stated Blue Ridge rebutting statements he has made on his public Facebook page and at the previous commissioners’ meeting.

Lukasevich, on Thursday, said that Design Nine is meeting with the hospital networks and libraries in two town hall virtual meetings next week.

Another town hall with Carbon County businesses is also in the planning phase.

Editor’s Note: The Times News LLC is a member of the Pencor Family of Companies that also includes Blue Ridge Communications and PenTeleData.


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