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WAVERLY — Waverly Village Council convened on Tuesday where discussions took place on several improvements to council chambers.

Mayor Greg Kempton said he and Councilman Skymr Bevens had recently met with a representative from Ohio Valley Technologies regarding computer and internet services for the building.

“Between us, the city garages, and police department, we kind of have a patchwork of different providers,” he said during his mayoral report. “What we’d like to do, at the very least for this building, is to get everything on one connected network.”

Doing so would make the village more like a cohesive unit, Kempton said, and a faster provider could actually save Waverly money.

This would follow suit further north in town where the Pike County Government Plaza also uses one internet provider between all the offices at the center.

“It definitely is the way to go for this office,” the mayor said in reference to council chambers.

Councilman Forest Beekman also renewed his push surrounding the presence of unwanted signs around town.

The situation has improved recently, he said, but there is still more work to do.

Among the common nuisances are high-speed internet providers, who put signs high-up on electric poles.

“They’re a repeat offender,” he said.

In other council business, the board approved the authorization of Auditor Debra Whaley to transfer $100,000 from the general fund to the Waverly Police Department fund.

The previously discussed updates to the WPD Policy Manual also was adopted by council. Among the additions to the manual include the training policy, oaths of office, and departmental directives pertaining to the department.

Council will meet in-session again on Tuesday, May 3 starting at 7 p.m. in council chambers at 201 W. North St.

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