County pursuing fiber optic internet backup after February outage

Guernsey County commissioners approved moving forward with a project to obtain Horizon fiber optic Internet service at the sheriff's office/911 Center and county administration building on Wheeling Avenue in Cambridge to serve as a backup after an outage by primary provider Charter in February.

An interruption in fiber optic internet service to Guernsey County earlier this year had IT Director Kenny Mathews asking county commissioners for funding to secure a backup provider during a meeting Tuesday in Cambridge.

A fire in Licking County on Feb. 13 damaged fiber optic lines that feed Ohio and resulted in Charter — the primary provider for the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office/911 Center and County Administration Building — being down for several hours.

“The sheriff’s office is backed up by (three) cellular devices,” Mathews said. “The 911 Center was open and able to handle calls, but we were severely handicapped.”

The incident started a conversation regarding the need to establish a better redundant circuit at the sheriff’s office/911 center and the county administration building.


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