“Crazy how the internet turns grown men into attention wh*res”: Kevin Durant torches Celtics podcaster for claiming Larry Bird is better

Kevin Durant goes off on a Boston Celtics truther who says that Larry Bird is a far better choice over the Nets superstar. 

Kevin Durant has never been one to shy away from airing out his thoughts on social media. The 2x champ has published more tweets than scored points in the NBA and that isn’t a slight towards Durant as it goes to show how this new generation of superstars doesn’t need to put up with nobodies online being disrespectful. 

Kevin Durant is just as prolific on the court as he is off it. Lauded as being perhaps the most unstoppable scorer of the 21st century, comparing to the likes of Larry Bird, George Gervin, and LeBron James isn’t out of the norm in the slightest.

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The conversation of who the greatest small forward of all time has always revolved around three names: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Larry Bird.  

Anointing any of those three as the greatest at that position wouldn’t be a bad take and yet, fans online have made it such that disagreeing with their choices immediately leads to that person being labeled a ‘casual’. 

Kevin Durant goes at a Twitter user for comparisons to Larry Bird. 

Comparing stats between guys at a level as high as the one both Kevin Durant and Larry Bird have and had reached in their prime is asinine. The eye test is the end all be all for members of the ‘Icons Club’ and the eye test suggests that you couldn’t go wrong with either of them in a do or die situation.

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A Boston Celtics podcaster took to Twitter to lay out stats that ‘proved’ Larry Bird is far superior to KD and engaged in several conversations with fans on the thread. Eventually, he called out Durant himself, calling him a fraud. 

As expected, the Brookly Nets superstar didn’t let this slide, rightfully so. “It’s crazy how the internet made grown men attention wh*res,” said Kevin Durant.

Depending on how Nick Gelso responds, it’ll be interesting to see if the ‘Slim Reaper’ will continue the conversation. 


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