definitely alive, despite what internet trolls have to say

On the night of Tuesday, April 5, podcast aficionados and UFC superfans learned of the death of their lord and savior, Austin resident, and alleged comedy club owner, Joe Rogan. Turns out that once again, it wasn’t true. The shitposting … when will it end?

An account that Newsweek writes was called @joerogannhq at the time of the post, that is now renamed @ChillStableGuy, posted the hoax about Rogan’s death.

But it didn’t end there. The ensuing thread contained fake posts from Rogan’s friends and family, including a message from the UFC President Dana White. It reads, “The entire UFC family is devastated to hear of Joe Rogan’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones, and we will make sure to continue his legacy. – Dana White.”

Newsweek confirmed that Rogan is, in fact, among the living, noting that this is not the first Joe Rogan death hoax to make waves online. According to Know Your Meme, the hashtag #RIPJoeRogan has appeared on Twitter and in UFC post-fight live chats for more than a decade.

“The first hoax appeared online around 2010, but they have continued popping up over the years, with another in 2020,” the website reads.

By now, perhaps the hordes on Twitter should be prepared for the fact that any Rogan death post is fake until an account with a blue check, or, I dunno, TMZ or something drops the news. Most folks online had the wherewithal to take this latest one with a grain of salt. Although some had a bone to pick with the way in which the original poster chose to close out the thread. One tweet, a supposed message from the Rogan family, contained a quote at the end that read: “I’m Gay – Joe Rogan.”

Rogan himself reacted to the most recent hoax on Tuesday, writing on Twitter: “I’m pregnant.”

Congratulations to Mr. Rogan for once again being alive.


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